Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cupped Hands of the Old Ones

The Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
This item costs 45pts and allows my slann, on a roll of 2+, to redirect his miscast at any enemy wizard in LOS.

Power Scroll
This item costs 35pts and allows my slann cast with irresistable force on any roll of a double but I still miscast aswell.

Now hold hands you two becasue this is gona be fun!

Using these two items in conjuction almost guarantees hurt for your enemy and happiness for you. Even if there is no enemy wizard your slann is ignoring the miscast on a 2+.

In a recent game vs Vampire counts i relished as i got the first turn, rolled up 8 dice for winds, popped power scroll rolled 6 dice for 21+ Purple sun and managed two 4's. Being a low I army my opponent pretty much gave up then and there. When i rolled the artillery dice to see how far it went i came up with a 10, so 30" from one side of his army to the other wiping out a horde (40) of skeletons in the process.*

Conflict has been increased to 1600pts so I will definantly be including this combo in my army. Im also gona put in a stegadon with engine just for giggles.

I shall post the official list once I have finished tweaking.

* this was not the only casualty but probably the most hilarious at the time.

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